Trackball Scroll Wheel


Marble Mouse Scroll Wheel  v.

Marble Mouse Scroll Wheel, or just Marble Scroll, is a small program designed to simulate a scroll wheel on any trackball or mouse without one.

Smart Scroll X  v.2.8.8

Smart Scroll X makes scrolling smoother, faster, easier: Super Wheel makes your scroll wheel smoother, faster and more comfortable.


Scroll Up Folder  v.4.2.2

Scroll Up Folder is a Firefox extension, can go up a folder of a website. Usage: place mouse over urlbar, scroll wheel up or down. Middle click bar to go. If you prefer use your keyboard, go to urlbar (F6 shortcut or click onto) then press ALT. A

KatMouse  v.1 4

KatMouse is a program to enhance the functionality of mice with a scroll wheel.

Image Zoom for Firefox  v.0.4.6

Adds zoom functionality for images. Easily zoom in, zoom out, fit image to screen or set custom zoom on individual images within a Web page. All this can be done by using the context menu or a combination of mouse buttons and scroll wheel.

MiddleClick  v.1.7.0 Build 262

A macro launching tool for the directed automation of your system. MiddleClick runs in the background on your computer waiting for you to click the middle button or scroll-wheel on your mouse. When MiddleClick is activated,

Mouse Overlord Plugin  v.2.1

Mouse Overlord is an open source plugin for REALbasic that captures the mouse cursor and receives events for movement deltas, states for up to 16 buttons, and scroll wheel deltas.

Radish  v..9

Menu Bar iTunes Control * Volume Knob - Control System and iTunes volume with the click and drag of the mouse or scroll wheel.

Smart Scroll  v.2.8.7

Smart Scroll enhances regular scroll bars so that they indicate how much of a document is displayed in a window.

Free Focused Scroll  v.0.7

A project to implement an open source driver for Apple powerbooks.

Wmgw  v.0.40

Image viewer with tiny filters, View images with wmgw. Keys and Wheel mouse: * Button-1 + Drag: Clip-area rectangle's rubber band(Button-2 to cut) * Ctrl + Button-1 + Drag: Drift image * Page-Up, Down: Vertical image scroll * Shift + Page-Up, Down:

Access Folders  v.2 1

Access Folders is a fine Windows enhancement that keeps all of your directories and sub-directories within easy reach. The program integrates into Windows' standard Save As/Open dialogs which are used by most applications.

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